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Animal Glue Troubleshooting

 Having trouble working with L.D. Davis protein adhesives? They're also known as animal glue, hide glue or protein glue. Here are some tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

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Product Spotlight: Hide Glue

L.D. Davis manufactures a wide variety of adhesive to fit your needs. We have so many different kinds of glue to offer we figured we'd use our blog as a space to put a focus on one kind of adhesive at a time. After all, our goal is to educate and inform our readers, not to overwhelm with a laundry list of our products. Today's post puts a product spotlight on hide glue.

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Water-Based Adhesives and Food Packaging

In the July/August 2011 issue of Folding Carton Industry magazine, an article regarding safety standards for food packaging caught my eye. L.D. Davis sells three kinds of adhesives that are used in packaging. We manufacture liquid water-based adhesives, and hide glue, or protein adhesive, and we are a distributor of H.B. Fuller's hot melt adhesives. Both our liquid and animal glues are technically water-based adhesives.

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Holy Gelatin! (Get It?)

So...What is this Stuff?

Well, it's definitely not a fishing net, or a basketball net, and I'm pretty sure it's not a hair net. What you see in the above photo is pharmaceutical waste. L.D. Davis Industries recycles pharmaceutical waste gelatin to make our adhesive. Think of what's left over in a sheet of gelatin after your vitamin capsule has been manufactured. Capsules are made using hard gelatin filled with medicine, usually in small beads, and soft gelatin like a Vitamin E capsule.
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Dextrin Glue Galore!

Dextrin glue is liquid glue often used in the packaging industry. Think white glue in a bottle if you need a visual - although most dextrin glues are a translucent, amber color. 

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Glue News for the Rigid Box Industry

Breaking News!

L.D. Davis has just formulated a new adhesive, a hide glue, to solve a problem that has recently plagued the rigid box industry. We are not just an adhesive manufacturer-we provide adhesive solutions for any problem.

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The L.D. Davis Green Advantage

It's Pretty Easy Being Green (Sorry Kermit.)

For thousands of years (think the Pharohs tombs) animal glue has been used for bookbinding.  Think of your parents National Geographic or TV Guide collection- they're all made with animal/protein adhesive.  Two shifts happened in the 1970's-book binders switched to a petroleum-based adhesive, known as hot melt, to save seconds of time in the manufacturing of books and directories.  Another change in that decade was the way animal glue was formulated.  Today, most animal glue is made not with gelatin extracted from cows and pigs but with scrap gelatin from the pharmaceutical industry.  Our long history of manufacturing this kind of adhesive, which is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, is the cornerstone of the L.D. Davis Green Advantage.

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Stuck Like Glue-L.D. Davis Industries, Inc.

L.D. Davis senior staff just returned home from a company planning meeting at our Monroe, NC facility, where we manufacture our glue and perfect our craft.  Telecommuting is such a large part of manufacturing and distribution companies these days, so it is refreshing to be able to spend some "face time" with the people who keep L.D. Davis glue sticky (cheesy, I know...couldn't resist!)

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