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Adhesive Raw Materials

Increasing raw material costs for adhesive over the past few years has been a challenge for animal glue manufacturers as well as distributors of products such as hot melt adhesives. 

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Happy Thanksgiving from LD Davis

Happy Thanksgiving to all LD Davis customers, friends, and employees!

In the social media world, there has been an activity this November where Facebook users post one thing or person every day for that they are grateful.  We at LD Davis have a lot to be thankful for around this special holiday, and while we did not post “30 Days of Thanks” on our social media profiles, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to list them here.  Below is a compiled “30 Days of Thanks” list from everyone at LD Davis Industries; where we build life long bonds, manufacture quality animal glue, and provide excellent customer service to our animal glue, liquid glue and hot melt customers.

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Global Hot Melt Adhesive Market

Hot melt adhesive is in greater demand now more than ever.  A recent report published on the global hot melt adhesive market says that the market should reach $4.65 billion in the next five years.  Hot melts are in high demand because they are fairly easy to use, form strong bonds, and are useful in a wide variety of applications.

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Gecko Glue takes "Animal Glue" to a New Level

So Here’s the Bad News….

We do not manufacture this new “Gecko” glue that claims to be able to support the weight of a full-grown man as he walks up and down walls.  We manufacture eco-adhesives, such as animal glue, water-based adhesives, and liquid glues.  However, it is such a cool development in the adhesive industry that we felt the need to spread the word and find out what you think about it.

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Product Spotlight: Resin Adhesives


LD Davis has been manufacturing quality animal glues for over nine decades, but animal glue itself has been around for centuries longer.  In fact, up until the mid-20th century, most glue in use was animal glue, dextrin glue, or other glues composed of natural polymers such as starch adhesives.  Products such as hot melt adhesives and resin adhesives are much newer in comparison to animal glue and other natural adhesives; they have only been used widely for about 60 years or so.

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Goings-On at our Animal Glue Company Meeting

Building Life Long Bonds at LD Davis

LD Davis Industries prides itself on “building life long bonds.”  These bonds are built with raw material suppliers so we can make sure we can always supply our customers with the products they need, when they need them.  These bonds are built with customers and create two-way loyalty to maintain lasting business relationships.  These bonds are also built with L.D. Davis staff members; the animal glue manufacturing company values its staff and many employees have been working for LD Davis for 10, 15, or even 20 plus years.  We must be doing something right besides making quality animal glue!

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Animal Glue Manufacturing Company Meeting

LD Davis Animal Glue Keeps us Stuck Together!

If you read our last blog about LD Davis company meetings, you know we strive as a company to effectively collaborate to produce the best possible animal glue and provide the best possible customer service to our customers. That being said, this blog comes to you today from our animal glue, or protein adhesive, manufacturing plant in Monroe, North Carolina where we are gearing up for our company meeting to discuss how we can be the best possible animal glue supplier for our customers.

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Product Spotlight: Starch Adhesives (Vegetable)

LD Davis Starch Adhesives

Starch adhesives, commonly known as vegetable glue, are one of the many types of eco-adhesives that we manufacture at LD Davis.  While we are known for our animal glue, or protein adhesive manufacturing, we also manufacture a variety of other adhesives such as water-based synthetic adhesives and starch (vegetable) adhesives.

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