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This was a very highly requested video! Our technical team has worked with a number of prospects and existing customers in the packaging industry that are experiencing box pop-ups. Rigid box and laminating companies have struggled finding easy to use adhesives to bond difficult packaging substrates. This limited what materials they could use and how packaging or laminates could be configured. In this short video L.D. Davis Industries VP of Technology, Mike Drewery, discusses why box pop-ups happen and an adhesive solution that will save you money and eliminate your box pop-up frustrations. 



 LD Davis Protein-Based Adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications. Our lab can recommend an existing or custom product for your specific application.

Below is a list of the top equipment commonly used with protein adhesives.

  • Crathern and S & S
  • Emmeci Box Machine
  • Horauf Universal
  • Perfect Binders Machines
  • Pot Devin Machines
  • Sheridan Roll Feed Case Maker
  • Stahl Case Maker
  • Kolbus Case Maker

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