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We are excited to announce that recently LD Davis partnered with Europrogetti for the commercial development and exclusive distribution of the whole range of Europrogetti Production Lines and Machinery across North America.

Europrogetti is an innovative manufacturer of automated machines for rigid box making and has long been a staple in the cardboard processing industry. For over 30 years, they have designed and supplied effective solutions that have evolved with the demands of manufacturers.

Currently, Europrogetti has more than 16 registered patents and another that has been filed, all of which continue to revolutionize the rigid box making industry. Since 1990, what sets Europrogetti apart is observing and responding to customers' needs to design, improve, and supply machines for the luxury packaging industry.

LD Davis has long since been a point of reference for the packaging industry and has been a supplier of glue and gelatin solutions to medium-to-large-sized manufacturing companies of paper and cardboard, packaging, and more for decades. By combining our expertise with Europrogetti, we hope to enable our customers by providing access to high-quality equipment.

Achieving Great Results Together

By merging our experience, LD Davis and Europrogetti hope to satisfy growing market needs and demands. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical Post-Sales Assistance

At LD Davis, we have over 95 years of industry experience. Our specialized technical personnel can offer insight into the packaging sector to help improve production and alleviate challenges. 

  • Spare Parts Services with Immediate Availability

A centralized warehouse with a large stock of material and spare parts. There is a range of hundreds of pieces always available for supply.

  • Equipment Show-Room with Various Solutions 

An exhibit area located in Monroe, NC equipped with various Europrogetti machines to provide demonstrations of rigid box manufacturing solutions. At Ld Davis, we are available to allow customers to see the construction quality of Europrogetti equipment in person.

To learn more about Europrogetti or schedule an appointment to visit our facility in North Carolina, please get in touch with us. We are always available to support customers and provide solutions that are targeted to meet your specific needs.

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