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After years of working side-by-side with rigid box equipment manufacturers and operators, we have decided to add a new product to the LD Davis line-up: rigid box stay tape. 

Stay tape is the glue-backed tape used in the rigid box manufacturing process.  Chipboard is fed into the machine, a plunger forms the box, and the tape is applied and heat-sealed to the corners. The box then moves onto the wrapping process.

You've likely seen LD Davis involved with the rigid box wrapping and laminating processes. Many of our animal glues (protein glues, hide glues) are considered the "industry standard" for U.S. rigid box manufacturers. But, after hearing from our customers that they didn't feel they had many options when it came to stay tape, we knew it was time to add this product to our line-up. 

Our goal has always been to be a one-stop glue resource for our customers. To stay aligned with this goal, we are excited to announce that we now carry a line of high-quality stay tape products.

Product Specifications

Brown kraft paper coated with a heat-activated vinyl resin designed for use on all corrugated. Heat-Seal stay tape with a wide heat seal temperature range. Recyclable closures with a uniform coating.  Not all stay tapes are made the same.  LD Davis’s stay tape is PFAS compliant.  If your product needs to be PFAS compliant, contact us.

Basic Weight Medium Duty 60 lb.
Caliper (mils) 7.09
Tensile Strength (lbs. per inch) 73
Tear Strength (grams) 133
Heat Seal Range 275°-475° F
Width 3/4" and 7/8"
Color Brown Kraft
Inner Core Diameter 2 inches

*Sold in skid quantities

More stay tape sizes and weights will be available soon. 

Storage of Stay Tape

This is a controlled moisture product and should be stored in a conditioned environment. Storage temperatures are recommended to range between 50° F (10°C) and a maximum of 68° F (20°C) with a 40-60% relative humidity to avoid any tape defects.

Pallets should be opened only when ready to use. We recommend that you do not leave any of the products unpacked and open to the air.

Keep the rolls away from heat, and do not press the side rolls to avoid any paper blocking or damage.

If you'd like to learn more about our stay tape products, contact us today for a free quote! 

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