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While it is not a common way to package animal cake glues in the United States, many European glue manufacturers pack and ship their cake glues in pillow packs.

What are the benefits of pillow packs? The drawbacks? Today we will cover the pros and cons of this packaging method. 

 Pros of Pillow Packs

+ Pillow packs may extend the life of the glue cakes due to less exposure to air

+ Can have less risk of product molding

+ Exact cake weight and dimensions are possible since each pillow pack is filled with automated equipment

Cons of Pillow Packs

- Impurities in the cake cannot be removed after the glue cools and settles in the pillow pack

- Requires extra time to prepare glue before use– plastic must be removed from each individual cake

- Employees will be required to work with blades to remove plastic on every cake – added risk of injury

- Additional waste from plastic

- Loss of yield during production

Like many other animal glue manufacturers in the United States,  we do not pack our cake glues in pillow packs due to the added risk to open each cake, and added time spent opening each cake before use. 

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