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Running into some snags with your rigid box stay tape quad? Check out these troubleshooting tips to get your stay tape equipment up and running in no time. 

All heat type stay tape require three things to work properly.  Heat, pressure and dwell time.


Older K&D, FMC, and Crathern quads were supplied with percentage timers, that put the heat on for a certain percent of the time and turned the heat off for a percentage of the time.  This system worked for many years, but is not as effective as other methods commonly used today.

Emmeci Quads have thermostats controlling the heat, this is a much better method, but they only sense the temperature in one corner (the New Emmeci Digital lines sense the temperature on all four corners). 

Regarding heat, all quad heaters are designed to a certain wattage. This is accomplished by the wire inside the heater cartridge wrapping around may times and achieving a certain ohm rating.  Over time the heaters loose their effectiveness and eventually stop working.  If you were to take a ohm meter and check all four heaters on a brand new quad, they should be the same.  If you were to check the ohm readings on an older quad you may get four different readings, thus having a different temperature on each corner. 

We use an inexpensive laser thermometer to check all four corners, and if the heat is about the same on all four corners you are fine. Then it comes down to the actual temperature you are running.  If they are not the same, you need to make sure you work with the lowest corner.  Most stay tapes can operate in ranges from 275F to 575F (this varies based on the form material and moisture content of the board you are running).

Rigid Box Stay Tape - Pressure

Regarding pressure, the systems are different on K&D, FMC, and Crathern Quads versus the Emmeci Quads.  No matter what type of equipment you are working it, it is important point that the pressure is consistent on all four corners.  This can vary if the form is not square, or if the machine is out of square.

If you happen to notice that the stay tape is sticking on some corners and not others, make sure to check the pressure on those corner. 

Rigid Box Stay Tape - Dwell Time

The dwell time is basically controlled by the design of the machine.  Your current supplier’s stay tape states 0.3 seconds our tape states 0.5 to 1 second depending on speeds and temperature.  We are running our tape on high speed Emmeci lines that are running at 3,000/hour (50/min) with no issues as well as at speeds of less than 1,000/hour (20/min) without any issues.  So this point is not as important.

If you are unable to troubleshoot your stay tape, our rigid box experts team is happy to assist. Reach out to us today

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