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How To Measure Dyne Levels In Substrates

Dyne Levels play a major role in proper adhesion, and here is why:

The Dyne Level of a material is called its surface energy. When glue is applied to a substrate, its “wettability” is impacted greatly by its surface energy and that of the substrate.  

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Glue Used to Make Corrugated Fiberboard

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

As you can imagine, corrugated fiberboard is one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world. As things like monthly subscription boxes, and cardboard virtual reality headsets gain popularity, the use of corrugated materials is continually growing.

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Glue Used to Make Playing Cards

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

Chances are, the last time you were sitting at the blackjack table you weren't thinking about paper or glue. But, without paper and glue - there would be no blackjack. Why? Well, there would be no playing cards.

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