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Improving sustainability is a key focus for many manufacturers. 

Many consumer brands are reducing waste by packaging goods in a more eco-friendly manner. This means using adhesives that are better for the environment.

What’s the Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI)?

For over 96 years, LD Davis has been a leading adhesives manufacturer. We are a global provider of adhesive solutions and work with various industries to support their manufacturing needs. 

Our gelatin glue has been renowned for decades and has recently become certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI) for its properties. BPI is the leader in the USA for compostable certification. 

This institute offers a 6-step certification process that allows companies to submit their products to review sustainability and compostability. After the certification process, BPI offers the support companies need to educate and promote their products.

The Reason LD Davis Became BPI Certified

It’s no secret that our protein glues are eco-friendly and plastic-free. 

We offer our customers the value of being eco-friendly without realizing it. It was important for us to get this certification to promote our adhesives as being certified compostable. We have also worked closely with an equipment manufacturer to offer their customers that same value.

A few years ago, we approached Baumer hhs, a leader in adhesive dispensing and verification technology, and worked with them to develop a new melter to dispense our revolutionary plastic-free adhesive. During the PackExpo East show this month, Baumer will be showing this new melter technology.  

The new melter, along with our new plastic-free adhesive, will allow customers to manufacture a truly plastic-free, compostable, and recyclable carton—a first in the industry and something you would expect from two of the leading sustainability market innovators. 

Please, take the opportunity to stop by the Baumer hhs booth at the PackExpo East show and see what is new and will help you meet your and your customer’s sustainability goals.

The Benefits of Gelatin-Based Adhesive

Gelatin glue is composed predominantly of pharmaceutical-grade gelatin, sugars, Epsom salt, water, and glycerin. Gelatin is a common protein that can be extracted from collagen. At LD Davis, we mainly recycle leftover pharmaceutical gelatin netting and ground hard capsules to create our adhesive.

Gelatin glue is compostable because it is made from natural components. The adhesive will naturally break down bacteria and fungi without human intervention if favorable conditions like temperature, moisture, oxygen, and microorganisms are present. 

Unlike petroleum and polymer adhesives like hot melts and resin, gelatin glue does not affect the re-pulping process for recycling cardboard since it breaks down over time in the right setting.

Since gelatin glue breaks down over time in the right setting, it does not affect the re-pulping process for recycling cardboard, unlike petroleum and polymer adhesives, also known as hot melts and resin adhesives.

Why Manufactures Choose Gelatin Glue 

  • Certified compostable adhesive
  • Non-toxic, recyclable, and repulpable
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Derived from recycled materials
  • Reduces waste and conserves resources
  • Water-soluble
  • Excellent bonding properties

Industries That Benefit from Gelatin-Based Adhesive

Gelatin adhesives offer manufacturers a non-toxic, recyclable adhesive solution. The glue forms an excellent bond on porous surfaces like cardboard, paper, and wood, making it great for long-term use, like furniture or packaging products with a shorter lifespan.

Common Applications for Gelatin Glue

  • Rigid box production
  • Bookbinding
  • Laminating
  • Woodworking
  • Abrasives
  • Paper crimping
  • Case and carton sealing

Do you have any questions about compostable adhesive and utilizing it in your application? Contact the adhesive experts today to get started.

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