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Are You Using Your Adhesive Equipment Every Day?

Adhesive application is critical for many manufacturers. We work with many companies that use adhesive and apply it in specific ways using different machines. 

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Service Spotlight: Forms for Rigid Boxes by Best Wood Forms

Last year, LD Davis acquired Best Wood Forms to enhance our service options and support for rigid box makers in the packaging industry. We still operate under the same name but are improving and expanding how Best Wood Forms provides forms to rigid box makers. 

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Customer Spotlight: Using Hot Melt to Create Custom Products for Kids in Need

Glue is a foundational part of many products. At LD Davis, we are fortunate to work with many companies and have built relationships with organizations like Made4Me over the years.  

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How to Store and Dispose of Industrial Adhesives Properly

Imagine you're working with your team to do some cleaning in your facility, and you come across an old box of cake glue that you forgot existed. It's been sitting there for well over a year. You know this old stuff must be expired. Now you're wondering how to get rid of it.

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