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How to Determine if Your Substrate is Glueable

In the world of adhesives, finding the right glue for paper, paperboard, and chipboard can be challenging. We often hear the question—what glue will work with this substrate?

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Glue Application and Storage Tips for Winter

Winter weather introduces unique challenges for industries relying on protein and liquid water-based glues. As temperatures drop and humidity levels fluctuate, the application and storage of these eco-friendly glues become critical factors in maintaining production efficiency. 

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Adhesive Shipping Update: Closed for the Holiday Season

The winter season is here! We at LD Davis look forward to celebrating the holidays and sending cheer, and we hope you and yours get to enjoy the merriment with friends and family. 

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Adhesive Applications and Emerging Trends in Puzzle Manufacturing

Puzzles! These delightful enigmas are more than just pieces of cardboard and paper images. Behind the scenes is a careful process of creation, and the final assembly is a canvas brought together by the perfect union of adhesive. 

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