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Methods to Make Publishing More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendliness is an evolving conversation in many industries, including publishing. Over the years, paper mills, publishers, printers, and authors have attempted to minimize the environmental impact of publishing books without reducing the quality. 

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The Adhesive Guide to Bookbinding

We recently did training on this in-house at a customer’s and wanted to share our adhesive knowledge regarding the booking industry

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LD Davis Acquires Best Wood Forms

LD Davis is excited to announce the acquisition of Best Wood Forms.  For nearly 100 years, LD Davis has sold glue into the rigid box industry.  We appreciate the confidence the industry has shown us in the last five years as we have expanded into stay tape and machinery sales, parts, and service (NEW and used).

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Troubleshooting Packaging  Pop-Opens

If you make rigid boxes, chances are you have dealt with turn-ins that have popped open. Annoying. We know! 

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