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Employee Spotlight: Bill McCalla, Technical Sales Manager

The LD Davis sales team is the "front lines" of our company. They, most times, are the first person that a prospect or customer speaks with. They also provide technical training and support.

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Holiday Gift Ideas That Use LD Davis Glue

The holidays are here! Adhesives play a significant role during the season, from holding every precious package together to being an integral part of the gift itself. 

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Gelatin Glue Compostability Certification from BPI

Improving sustainability is a key focus for many manufacturers. 

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Equipment Spotlight: AC1060/4 Series Laminating Equipment

When one hears the word lamination, thoughts of IDs, restaurant menus, signs, and instructional sheets come to mind. Just mentioning the word brings up so many everyday objects that it’s a testament to how flexible the lamination process is. So many industries rely on lamination, especially packaging.

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