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Troubleshooting: Poor Glue Penetration

If you work with P.O.P. displays or sample boards, chances are you have come across a situation where your adhesive just doesn't seem to hold your turn-ins. This is called "poor glue penetration" and believe us, we know how annoying it can be. One of our customers out of Georgia was having this same problem with their sample boards. Find out how one simple change helped to solve their turn-in troubles.

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Meet The Team: Sales and Marketing

Often times, sales and marketing are the 'face' of  a brand. When you fill out a website contact form, read a blog post (we're looking at you!) or call a business with a question, you have already had an interaction with sales and marketing in some way. 

The LD Davis sales and marketing team act as the "front lines" of our company. To take a closer look into the department, we wanted to continue our "Meet the Team" series by sitting down with Stacey Kreisler, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Keep reading to find out how her team continues to thrive in the ever-changing adhesive industry.

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