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Drywall Corner Bead Adhesive

Posted on March 04, 2014 by Kelly Benjamin

Over the past several years more and more contractors are utilizing both Plastic and Paper faced drywall corner beads. Although they have not been around quite as long as their metal counterpart they do offer many advantages.

Plastic/Paper corner beads are light weight and flexible. The flexibility reduces warping that is sometimes encountered. It has the ability to stick to the drywall without any fasteners allowing for an easier and faster installation and reduced cracking! In addition the metal product can rust over the years which can create an unsightly bleed through on your gorgeous paint job.

For all you manufacturers out there L.D. Davis can help…we have become one of the leading suppliers of adhesive to this industry. Our specialty is formulating a product that is flawless for your particular application. Our remoistenable adhesive allows the corner reinforcement piece to be easily applied in the field within a few seconds after activation with water.

We can customize other properties as well such as viscosity, open time and tack to best fit your needs.

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