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Product Spotlight: AP1052WE Adhesive for Paper Straws

As more companies look for alternative products for a greener future, we stand at the forefront of an adhesive breakthrough. We are introducing AP1052WE, a water-based adhesive tailored for paper straw manufacturing.

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Adhesive Applications and Emerging Trends in Puzzle Manufacturing

Puzzles! These delightful enigmas are more than just pieces of cardboard and paper images. Behind the scenes is a careful process of creation, and the final assembly is a canvas brought together by the perfect union of adhesive. 

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The Benefits of Gelatin Glue for Medical Packaging

Gelatin glue is an adhesive used for various purposes, including packaging, bookbinding, and even some medical applications. However, its use in medical packaging, such as products for the recent COVID-19 vaccine packaging, may not be as commonly known. Gelatin glue has properties that allow it to withstand cold temperatures and can be used as an adhesive for some medical applications, depending on your requirements.

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Reducing Plastic Dependence by Using Upcycled Adhesive

The world is currently choked with plastics: eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year1, and if this trend continues, an estimated 12 billion tons of plastic waste will be present in the environment by 20502. Recycling, properly disposing, and preventing this waste from happening is key. 

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