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Are You Using Your Adhesive Equipment Every Day?

Adhesive application is critical for many manufacturers. We work with many companies that use adhesive and apply it in specific ways using different machines. 

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The Role of Regulations in Eco-Friendly Adhesives

Products labeled "eco-friendly," "green," or "compostable" can be found everywhere, from consumer products to industrial materials, but what qualifies companies to use any of these labels? Often, 'eco-labeling" is fraught with vague or untrue claims. Sometimes, companies seek to capitalize on consumer preferences for environmentally friendly products through marketing in a tactic called "green-washing."

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Sorry! We’re Not Vegan, But We Are Eco-Friendly

We get a lot of questions about our most popular adhesive, gelatin glue. 

In this article, we’re going to touch on what gelatin is and why something not being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean it’s automatically bad for the environment.

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Behind the Pieces: Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturing Insight

LD Davis is one piece of the puzzle in jigsaw puzzle manufacturing; you guessed it, that piece is our adhesive. 

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