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"The spirits industry can raise a glass to yet another strong year. The volume of spirits sold at retail locations rose 2.4% in 2016. Alcohol suppliers said sales rose an even faster 4.5% last year [2017] to $25.2 billion in the United States" (Fortune).

In this billion dollar industry, spirit makers are producing and shipping product at an unprecedented pace. As the industry continues to grow, spirit companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency on their bottling, and packaging lines.

That's where we come in.

Carton sealing plays a huge part in protecting and shipping spirit bottles to retailers around the world. These cartons, sometimes referred to as cases, typically hold at least 4-6 bottles and can be quite heavy.

The cartons are often made by gluing coated corrugated substrates. Once thy are constructed and the glue quickly dries, the bottles are loaded into the box, sealed shut, and sent off for shipping. Proper adhesion is critical to avoid the bottles from falling through the bottom of the box in shipping or upon delivery. 

One of our most popular hot melt glues used for sealing cartons in the spirits industry is our BT1100.

Case And Carton Sealing Glue: BT1100

BT1100 is a hot melt designed for case and carton sealing and erecting. BT1100 has a very fast set speed, medium open time, aggressive tack, excellent adhesion, and excellent heat stability. BT1100 has great high and low temperature bond performance. Product is suitable for all equipment generally associated with packaging applications. 

Uses Case & Carton Sealing
Application Temperature 325°  F  +/-25° 
Appearance Pellets
Color Light Yellow/Amber
Set Speed Fast
Viscosity  800 cps @ 300° F


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