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Emmeci is an international leader in automatic lines for the production of high quality rigid set-up boxes. But as you know, a box is only as good as the glue that keeps it together. 

LD Davis manufactures an extensive line of animal glues formulated specifically for the rigid box industry and use on Emmeci box machines.

With the addition of rigid box stay tape to our product line, we have worked with our technical team to create a list of recommended glues and tapes recommended for each piece of Emmeci rigid box-making equipment. Not all stay tapes are made the same.  LD Davis’s stay tape is PFAS compliant.  If your product needs to be PFAS compliant, please contact us,


Emmeci Rigid Box Line Size Comparison Chart Glue and Stay Tape

Contact our team to learn more about how our gelatin-based animal glues can help you achieve superior rigid boxes that will perform well in the market.

Benefits of LD Davis rigid box animal glues:

  • Increased glue mileage
  • Eco-friendly formulas
  • Single source for all box making glues
  • Strong bonds for a variety of substrates
  • Free technical glue analysis of substrates in our on-site lab

Contact Us about our Eco-Friendly Rigid Box Glues

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