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We recently visited with the rigid box equipment manufacturers at Emmeci USA to run some of our protein glues on their equipment. We always enjoy pushing our glues to the limit and seeing how they will perform in "real life" circumstances. 

Over the last few years the boards, paper, coatings, and inks used in the rigid box and packaging industries have evolved. To meet the needs of these industries, we are constantly working to further improve our glue formulas. 

Our lab has formulated a number of protein glue (animal glue) products for the rigid box industry that have been tested and approved for use on the Emmeci rigid box equipment. 

Emmeci Rigid Box Line Size and Glues-1

If you're interested in learning more about Emmeci rigid box equipment, call Emmeci USA directly at 401-431-1496 for more details.

Video: How To Properly Load Protein Glue in the Emmeci

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