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Folding cartons are one of the most commonly used, and cost-effective, packaging options available. Their appeal is undeniable.

Not only are they consumer-friendly, and highly customizable, but they can also be shipped completely flat making them super convenient. It's no wonder they are so widely used in a number of industries, including: pharmaceutical, beauty, food etc.

How Folding Cartons Are Made

Once a folding carton package design is given the green light, the first step is creating the die line. This is a 2D file depicting the package graphics, outlines, glue areas and folds. 

Next, large rolls of paperboard are cut down to smaller sheets (sheeting) before they are sent off to the press. The press is where the packaging artwork is printed on the paperboard.

After close review of the artwork, the printed sheet are sent to be die cut. This is where the package design will be cut out from the original sheet. After this step, the die cut pieces are sent to the folder/gluer. Once glued, the cartons are ready for fulfillment! 

See the folding/gluing process in action:

Video by: Bobst

Folding Carton Glue

As folding carton substrates evolve and become more unique (and sometimes more challenging to work with), folding carton glues are evolving to meet the needs of the industry. 

We carry a wide range of liquid glues for the folding carton industry, but today we want to spotlight AP0283WE. This particular glue was formulated to handle difficult carton stock, including poly coated one side. It is fast setting, fast tacking, and suitable for contact systems. 

Uses Folding Carton 
Viscosity 1,500-1,800 cps (can be adjusted as needed, per equipment specifications)
Film Clear, Tough, Flexible
Color White
Shelf Life 180 days


This formula, as well as our other folding carton glue formulas, can be adjusted to accommodate a number of folding carton gluing equipment. 

Want to learn more about our extensive line of folding carton glues? Contact our technical team for a free project review. 

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