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Cheers: Labeling Glue for Beer Bottles

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager
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Beer Bottle LabelWhen you reach for an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, chances are you're not thinking about the glue that holds the label in place. But, to be perfectly honest, a lot goes into picking the right labeling glue for beer bottles.

Not only does the glue have to withstand ice cold refrigerator temperatures, it also has to hold up when submerged in water at the bottom of an icy cooler. If the right glue isn't used during the labeling process, you'll open a cooler full of naked bottles and floating labels.

If you are using a Krones Cold-glue Labeller for your beer bottle labeling, our HB Fuller product Swift®tak PWL5120 is a great match for you. This is an opaque, synthetic polymer based glue for use on a wide range of rotary labellers. The key: it adheres to cold, wet bottles and offers ice-proof bonds. Perfect for beer bottles!

Benefits of PWL5120 for Beer Bottle Labeling
  • Excellent wet tack
  • Low odor
  • Easily cleaned with cool tap water and dish soap
  • Stored and applied at room temperature
  • Adheres to cold, wet bottles
  • Ice-proof bond
  • Quick set-up time
  • Great fiber tear
Technical Properties of PWL5120
Property Value
Viscosity 45,000-50,000 cP
Odor LOW
PH 8.4-8.7

 Don't use the Krones Cold-glue Labeller? There are a number of bottle labeling machines on the market - contact us and we will connect you with the best glue for your application.
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