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Mystery Uncovered: Color Variations in Protein Glue

Posted on January 02, 2018 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

If you have used protein glue (animal glue, hide glue) chances are you have wondered: Why is my glue a different color than my last order? In this post, we will dive into this ‘mystery’.

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So What is Animal Glue Really Made Of?

Posted on November 07, 2017 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

We've all heard the old saying "taking the horse to the glue factory". As glue manufacturers, this old saying drives us a little nutty. Here's why...

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What is gelatin based glue?

Posted on June 13, 2017 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

Before the 1970's, the primary ingredient in our protein glues was extracted collagen from hides of bovine and porcine. 

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Lab Testing of Glue Raw Materials: Jelly Strength Tests

Our protein glue products are based on gelatin protein which is derived from the hydrolysis of collagen. Collagen is a protein ingredient of animal hide, tissue and bone. We source our gelatin in the form of soft gel netting which is recycled from pharmaceutical companies.

Protein glue is composed...

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