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In a significant leap forward, our adhesive company has embraced cutting-edge technology to enhance our production line efficiency. In May 2023, we integrated state-of-the-art robotics from Linear Solutions into our gelatin glue packaging process, marking the first step towards automating our packing line.

This move has streamlined our operations and resulted in perfectly stacked pallets, signaling a new beginning for our company. See how our packaging process is changing and how these improvements benefit our customers.

The Previous Packaging Process

Before introducing robotics, our gelatin glue packaging followed a manual process. Large kettles mixed the glue, which was poured into trays and left to cool into cakes. These cakes were hand- loaded into cartons, scanned for information, and finally hand placed onto the skids by hand. While effective, this method was time-consuming and required considerable manual labor.


The New Robotic Solution

Linear Solutions' robotics have transformed our packaging process, optimizing efficiency and precision. The robot cell, fully operational since May 2023, excels at various tasks crucial to our production line. See each step of our packaging process below.

Overview of the Robotic Process

LD Davis Gelatin Glue Packing Process

Benefits of the Robotic Integration

Change can be challenging, but we have noticed these three improvements to our process since updating our production line.

1. Enhanced Efficiency

The introduction of Linear Solutions’; robotics has significantly increased the speed of our gelatin glue packaging process. The automated system handles tasks with precision and speed, reducing the time required for each step.

2. Perfectly Stacked Pallets

One of the standout features of the new robotics is the ability to create perfectly stacked pallets. The robot’s end-of-arm tooling, specifically designed for our application, ensures that our box-shaped cartons are stacked uniformly, minimizing the risk of damage during transport.

3. Automation Advancement

Integrating this robotic solution is the first step toward fully automating our packing line. Our company is well-positioned to explore further advancements as technology evolves, ultimately increasing overall productivity.

The Future of Gelatin Glue Packing

The integration of Linear Solutions’; robotics into our gelatin glue packaging process has catapulted our production line into a new era of efficiency and precision. With perfectly stacked pallets and a streamlined, automated system, we are meeting current demands and setting the stage for future advancements in automation.

As we continue to embrace cutting-edge technology, our adhesive company remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Please let us know if you have questions about our packaging process and shipments.

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