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Liquid Water Based Adhesives

Posted on June 02, 2017 by L.D. Davis Industries, Inc

L.D. Davis manufactures a varied line of liquid water-based adhesives that are useful in a wide variety of applications. Liquid water-based adhesives are totally eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe to handle. These factors make water-based adhesives ideal for use in food packaging applications.

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Glue Used to Make Playing Cards

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager

Chances are, the last time you were sitting at the blackjack table you weren't thinking about paper or glue. But, without paper and glue - there would be no blackjack. Why? Well, there would be no playing cards.

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A Closer Look: Paper Packaging

Posted on July 08, 2015 by Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager

Paper packaging makes up a large portion of the packaging we use today.  Ongoing expansion of the industry is expected  as "the packaged food industry is anticipated to drive the market for paperboard packaging, which comprises packaging of packaged fruits, meat and seafood, cheese, staples,...

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What is block-out glue?

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager

Block-out glue, also known as stop light glue, is a light blocking glue used in laminating. Customers use this adhesive in playing cards, trading cards, point of sale displays and Window signs.

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