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Troubleshooting Glue Setting Too Quickly

Posted on October 03, 2017 by Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager
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Protein glue setting too quickly? Frustrating. Right?

Emmeci.jpgDefective product wrapping and pop-opens may occur if your glue is setting too quickly - and all of these issues cost your production team money.

Why does this happen? How can it be avoided?

Your glue could be setting too quickly if the glue temperature, or the humidity levels in your plant are not at the recommended setting. No matter what type of glue you are using, you should always make sure you are running it at the proper (recommended) temperature. Running at the proper temperature will help to avoid pop-opens, skewed set times, and messy equipment.

For information on how to assess and correct issues with your glue setting too quickly check out our short troubleshooting video.

VIDEO: Troubleshooting Protein Glue Setting Too Quickly

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