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After manufacturing and selling animal glues for nearly a century, the LD Davis team has had our fair share of questions regarding its scent.

What does animal glue smell like?

Why would the smell change?

Will a change in smell change how the glue performs? 

These are just a few examples of questions we run into from time to time. Chances are, if you use animal glue, also known as hide glue or jelly glue, you may have wondered the same things. 

What Does Animal Glue Smell Like?

Animal glues have a pretty unique scent that is a little hard to explain to someone who has never used it. Since animal glues are a natural product, the scent will vary depending on the formula composition.

We asked a few of our Technical Sales Managers to describe the smell of animal glue. Here is what they said:

The smell is generally a fairly mild one that you get used to after some time. To help improve the scent, we typically add a fragrance to the formula. That's really what you smell most. Most often we use vanilla, coconut, or wintergreen scent. 

Why Would the Smell of Animal Glue Change?

Sometimes you'll notice that the smell of your animal glue is not exactly the same as your last order. This is completely normal. 

The reason that this happens is because animal glue is a natural eco-friendly product, and therefore the scent of the raw materials will not always be identical from batch to batch or from formula to formula.

This same principal applies to the color of the glue.

Will a Change in Smell Change How the Glue Performs? 

All LD Davis glues go through a strict quality control check in our on-site technical lab before shipping to a customer. While the smell of the glue may not always be identical for every batch, glue performance (open time, and tack) is always tested and approved before an order is filled. 

Glue smell will not impact the performance of the formula.

Looking to improve or change the smell of your glue?

Our team is always happy to modify a formula, when possible, to increase or adjust the glue fragrance. Reach out to your Technical Sales Manager, or email us, to see what options are available. 

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