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Eco-Friendly Glues: Part One

Eco-Friendly Adhesive Products

L.D. Davis Industries manufactures a wide variety of protein-based glues and liquid water-based glues, which are all eco-friendly, completely non-toxic, and easily recyclable. Today, we’d like to feature our eco-friendly protein adhesive products, which are also commonly called animal glue or hide glue.

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Fun Facts About Animal Glue

LD Davis has been manufacturing animal glue for nine decades...but the material itself has been around much longer than that. Here are some fun facts you might not know about this awesome adhesive material.

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Liquid Glue News

New Liquid Adhesive Product

L.D Davis Industries has developed a new liquid adhesive product to increase manufacturing efficiency and help with blistering issues for 3-ring binder manufacturers.

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Product Spotlight: Protein Adhesives

Protein Adhesive

Protein adhesives are a type of glue also referred to as animal glue or hide glue. They are also sometimes called “cake glue” due to its appearance in 9-10 lb “cakes” after production in a manufacturing facility. 

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Protein Adhesive Manufacturing Process

Quality adhesive manufacturing of protein adhesive, also known as animal glue or hide glue, is LD Davis Industries’ number one job above all. The adhesive manufacturing process can be a complex one, but we like to explain it in a simple form so all of our clients and vendors can have knowledge of the protein adhesive manufacturing process.

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