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Protein Adhesive

Protein adhesives are a type of glue also referred to as animal glue or hide glue. They are also sometimes called “cake glue” due to its appearance in 9-10 lb “cakes” after production in a manufacturing facility. 

Protein adhesive is more accurately called protein-based gelatin adhesive. This term originates from the source of the gelatin used to manufacture this adhesive, which is typically protein gelatin extracted from the hides and bones of pigs and cattle. This type of animal gelatin protein is processed in different grades of quality for use in food and pharmaceutical products. The type of protein gelatin used in protein adhesive is industrial grade and usually referred to as technical gelatin.

Protein adhesive is completely non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition to the gelatin, the other common raw materials in protein adhesive include water, Epsom salts, corn sugar, and glycerin. LD Davis Industries constantly sources its protein adhesive raw materials and has outstanding relationships with raw material suppliers. This enables L.D. Davis to ensure that our customers can always get the protein adhesive they need to manufacture their products, when they need it.

Uses and Applications

Protein adhesives are useful in a wide variety of applications, but are most commonly used in bookbinding, box making and laminating applications. Protein adhesive is generally applied using a wheel, roller, or pad.

LD Davis Industries is the largest of only a few protein adhesive manufacturers in the United States and we have been manufacturing protein adhesives for over eight decades.

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