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Glue 101: What is Gram Strength?

Our lab team tests gram strength on all gelatin and animal glues we receive into our manufacturing facility.  We then use that number in correlation to the viscosity to determine what raw materials get used in our cake glues and dehydrated hide glue. 

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Why Doesn't One Glue Work for All Applications?

When a new customer calls us to purchase glue for their application, we typically ask a few detailed technical questions about the project before we can recommend the right product. The reason for this is that we work with hundreds of varying glue formulas and these questions help our lab team determine which formula is the best one for you. 

At this point, some prospects start wondering "why doesn't one glue work for all applications?".  This is why... 

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The History of Hide Glue

Hide glue has played a major role in the glue industry since the time of Egyptian pharaohs. Check out the history of hide glue.  

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The Benefits of Buying Through a Hot Melt Distributor

While LD Davis Industries does not manufacture hot melt glues in-house, we distribute them for some of the largest hot melt manufacturers in the United States. Often times, prospects and customers will ask us what the benefits are of purchasing hot melt glue through a distributor instead of directly from the manufacturer. Today, we will answer that question.

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The Pros and Cons of Animal Glue Pillow Packs

While it is not a common way to package animal cake glues in the United States, many European glue manufacturers pack and ship their cake glues in pillow packs.

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