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The bell is about to ring, and class is almost in session. Chances are you're getting your kids prepared to head back to school in the coming weeks. 

It's hard to turn on the TV without catching some sort of "back to school" commercial. A not-so-subtle reminder that you have to get moving on your back to school checklist. 

Have you ever stopped to pause and think about all of the items in the classroom that are manufactured by experts in our industries? Glue, paper, board... the list goes on. 

We brainstormed with our team to come up a list of classroom items that would have one of our glues in them. The list might surprise you!

+ Textbooks & Reading Books - this one may not be super surprising. Our glues have been used to manufacture books for nearly a century! 

+ Binders - you probably didn't think of this one, and if you did it's probably because you manufacture binders (right?!).  A number of our protein and liquid glues are formulated for the manufacturing of binders. These are a school-year necessity! 

+ Pencils - If you've never seen how pencils are manufactured, stop what you're doing and check out this "How It's Made" video. We'll wait for you to come back.... Okay, so how cool was that? We love that our protein glues are used to make pencils, they really are a staple for every student (and standardized test). 

+ Folders - It's difficult to stay organized without folders.  Paper folders are a must when preparing for the school year. Our protein and water-based glues are often used to keep file folders (and accordion folders) in one piece. 

+ Legal Pads - Time to take some notes! A legal pad, especially for older student, is so helpful for note taking. The glue at the top of the legal pad is appropriately called "padding glue" - this is a type of liquid water-based glue. 

+ Tissues (and paper towels) - Got the sniffles? Maybe not yet, but this winter school season will surely bring a few runny noses. Our team makes the glue used to hold the plies of tissues and paper towels together. 

Wishing you (and your little ones) a great start to the school year!

Can you think of any other "back to school" supplies that you would find our glue in? Comment below and let us know. 

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