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These days, we are working with more perfect binding companies than ever. In this post, we want to focus on one of our most recommended perfect binding spine glues: BT1113.

Perfect binding is a method of book binding often used to make soft cover books. This binding method puts all book pages together, roughens and flattens the edge, then a flexible glue bonds the book cover to the spine. BT1113 is a great, flexible glue solution for soft cover book spines. 

BT1113 is a premium, water white, medium speed bookbinding hot melt glue. It provides excellent adhesion to high basis weight heavily coated covers and difficult signatures. It can be trimmed in-line without build up on the trimmer knives.

This hot melt glue can be run on medium and high-speed binders such as a Horizon Binder, Mueller Martini and Sheridan. 

BT1113: Glue Properties
Application Temperature 325-375° F
Softening Point 210° F
Appearance Pellets
Color Water White
Open Time Medium
Viscosity 6,000 cps at 350° F


If you had additional questions about this glue formula, feel free to reach out to our technical team with your project details. 

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