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Overview of Issue

A U.S. based food packaging manufacturer recently switched to our protein glue after experiencing product inconsistencies, and technical support issues with their previous glue supplier.


This packaging manufacturer used protein glue (also known as animal glue or hide glue) on their Emmeci equipment to make food boxes.

Before speaking with us, they were experiencing the following issues:

  1. Glue running out of the bottom of skids before using it
  2. Moldy glue cakes
  3. Inconsistent glue coloring
  4. Lack of technical support

After reviewing their existing issues, equipment, equipment speeds, and desired pricing, our technical team recommended our protein glue product NW0500CRC for their application. This protein glue is safe for indirect food contact packaging and designed specifically for the equipment used at their facility.

NW0500CRC Specifications

USES: Emmeci Equipment, Rigid Box, Laminating

VISCOSITY: 1,000 +/- 100 cps @ 140°F (60ºC)

TOTAL SOLIDS: 61.0 +/- 2.0%


COLOR: Opaque, Brown to Tan

OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE: 140°F to 150°F; in all instances, use pre-melting equipment for uniform viscosity dilution and optimum machinability; generally reduced with 3% to 10% water by weight.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately six months.


Our sales and technical teams visited this customer on-site to run trials of the NW0500CRC protein glue on their Emmeci equipment.  

We were able to provide a product that eliminated their glue inconsistencies. Also, our technical support team has been available to them to answer any questions or conduct any testing.


This packaging manufacturer is happy with the technical support and product quality provided by the team at LD Davis Industries.

As they continue to grow within the food packaging industry, they will look to LD Davis Industries for all glue help they may need in the future.

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