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We get this question from prospects and customers often: what kind of glue can come in contact with food? Naturally, when it comes to food packaging, this question is very important.

Food packaging has a very specific set of safety standards. The glue used in food packaging is no different - and there are many details to consider when picking the right one.  

+ Do you need a liquid water-based glue or hot melt glue?

+ What kind of equipment are you running the glue on?

+ Does the glue need to be freezer grade?

+ Will there be direct or indirect food contact?

So what is considered food contact glue?

Our protein (hide glue, animal glue) and liquid water based glues are FDA approved for indirect food contact under CFR Part 175.105. This means that they can be used in food packaging where the glue will not directly touch the food product. 

We also distribute pressure sensitive and hot melt glues that are FDA approved for direct and indirect food contact. 

To learn more about FDA food ingredients and packaging lingo, click here.

Whether your packaging glue needs are for case and carton sealing, tray forming, folding carton, labeling,  or filters, we have a versatile line of glues that cover a variety of food and beverage applications. 

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