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Hot melt glues are polymer based and are 100% solids, containing no solvents or water. They are also thermoplastic which means they are a solid at room temperature, but liquefy upon heating.

Considering hot melt glue for your packaging? This list of pros and cons will help you determine if it is the right glue for you. 

 Pros of using Hot Melt Glues in Packaging

+Can be safe for direct and indirect food contact

+The lack of water and solvents in hot melts allow them to attain peak bonding strength very quickly

+Typically offer a very consistent application and glue weights

+Bond speeds allow for higher equipment line speeds

+Can bond non-porous surfaces

+Long shelf-life

Cons of using Hot Melt Glues in Packaging

-Hot melt glues are not biodegradable

-Typically higher cost per pound than alternatives

-Requires expensive application equipment

-Must be heated and applied at very high temperatures (250° F or higher)

-High temperature applications could result in glue charring

-High temperature applications are hard on equipment

-High temperature applications could be added risk for equipment operators

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