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In the dynamic world of printing and publishing, the glue that binds a product together is often as crucial as the content it holds. LD Davis, a renowned glue manufacturing company, is proud to collaborate closely with industry leaders such as Reindl Bindery, a traditional bindery that has been setting the standard since its establishment in 1978.

About Reindl Bindery

Founded over four decades ago, Reindl Bindery has become a respected leader in the printing and publishing industries. The company has gained recognition for its award-winning quality, responsive service, and innovative binding solutions. Reindl is committed to excellence and has become synonymous with "First in Quality... Bound to Last."

Binding Capabilities

Reindl Bindery boasts diverse capabilities, making it a one-stop solution for unique binding needs. Clients can depend on Reindl for reliable service and knowledgeable, friendly support. The company offers a range of solutions, including mid and long-run capabilities, to offer flexibility and precision. Just this past year, they entered into the short-run market which we would like to highlight in this blog.

Binding Equipment and Specifications

Reindl Bindery takes pride in staying ahead of the curve, recently acquiring a Standard Horizon BQ PUR Perfect Binder. This state-of-the-art machine, although used, is a new addition to their lineup, showcasing their commitment to investing in the latest technologies for the benefit of their clients. This machine's short-run perfect binding capabilities allow Reindl to cater to a broad range of book sizes, from 4.563” x 5.75” to 12.125” x 12.125”.

Reindl Bindery does not impose a minimum order size, providing flexibility for clients with various project scopes. The order process is seamless – request a spec sheet and quote, send a purchase order ahead of job arrival, and experience a lead time of generally one week or less from the receipt of the print.

Find Short-Run Perfect Binding Excellence

LD Davis is proud to be associated with a company like Reindl Bindery, which shares a commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. For those interested in exploring the binding possibilities with Reindl Bindery, please get in touch with the main office via phone at (262) 293-1444 or through email at

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