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Printing on demand continues to drive the book printing industry. True, digital books are popular, but nothing quite replaces the feeling of holding a hardcover book in your hands. From textbooks and on-demand books to personalized keepsakes, print continues to delight, inspire, and educate people worldwide.

Keeping up with the demand for short runs of books, from self-publishers to photo books, requires innovative equipment. Advancements make printing more efficient for short runs of hardcovers. Developments like the AC-20X Autocase casemaker help manufacturers improve their production of short-run casemaking and casebinding. 

H2: Improve Your On-Demand Book Production

The engineers at GP2 have come together to improve their popular automatic casemaker. Designed with the capabilities of the AC-20 and manufacturer’s needs in mind, the improved AC-20X is making waves in the printing industry.

The Next Generation POD Casemaker



The AC-20X offers what customers have come to expect from GP2: reliability and simplicity. With this fully automated system, manufacturers can produce hardcovers in runs of a few dozen or several thousand depending on demand. 

Innovative Automation

Bringing together the latest technology with years of experience in casemaking, the AC-20X is easy to operate. Change case sizes locally through the interface or by scanning a bar-code, saving downtime and increasing production. The whole system is connected to wifi, providing real-time support. 

Overall, the AC-20X offers major improvements from its predecessor, the AC-20. Paper feed and registration are done by sensors to improve accuracy and reliability. Ten independent motors now control board hoppers, making aligning the boards and spine more accurate. The design of the AC-20X unit has also been upgraded. The cover design now allows easy access inside the machine for cleaning, the paper feed unit is removable, and the board feed unit is positioned for easy cleaning as well.



Benefits of the AC-20X

  • Production speed of up to twenty cases per minute
  • Simple operation, maintenance, and handling
  • Accurate registration for high-quality cases and scrap reduction
  • Increase efficiency of shorter runs to maximize margins
  • Improve design for easy cleaning
  • Additional sensors assist in processes including Paper Feed, Registration, and Board Hoppers
  • Interior LED Lighting

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

For optimal performance, operators should follow the tips below:

  • Clean the machine daily 
  • Use higher quality products to improve ease of automation
  • Use a high-quality glue from LD Davis

LD Davis is an official partner of GP2 Technologies. Not only do we have a selection of protein glue for bookbinding manufacturers using recirculating glue systems, but we also provide information on the AC-20X. 

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