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We spend a lot of time making recommendations and chatting about helpful tools to keep your glue running properly. While these are very useful tips and tricks, nothing is more helpful than proper training.

Knowledge is Power -- Especially When It Comes To Glue

In 2017, our sales team provided over 360 hours of free training and audits for our customers and prospects.  In these on-site glue training and audits we work hands on with manufacturing teams to educate them so they get the most out of their glue.
Our free audits and training include evaluation of glue temperature, viscosity/solids, application rates, and equipment speeds. We will also educate teams on how to use helpful tools like a mil depth gauge and refractometer - tools which will help to solve many common troubleshooting issues.
Are you running your glue too cold? Are you applying too much glue? Are you running the glue too slow? If you're not sure how to answer questions like this, we recommend taking advantage of our free glue audits and training. 

What Other Customers Have To Say

Some of our sales team recently visited with the team at Customer Paper Products to provide glue training to their equipment operators. Here is what Frank, their Production Manager, had to say:

"We greatly appreciate LD Davis Industries customer service and your visit to our facility to perform a glue audit. Bill and Stacey made a significant difference regarding our glue preparation and application. The increased glue temperature made the greatest impact on the box bonding issues we were experiencing previously. By maintaining temperature, solids and viscosity of glue to LD. Davis recommended starting points, I’m sure we will see more positive results. Thank you also for the positive interaction with our mechanics and the overall Protein Glue 101 training for our “EMMECI” production line."

Having a glue expert review your glue and equipment settings can result in major cost savings for your business. Proper training is key when it comes to running efficiently. Helping our customers find ways to save money or make their business more efficient is very important to us. That is why we offer these glue audits and training seminars completely free of charge.

Interested in learning more about our glue audits and training? We'd love to visit your facility.

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