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When it comes to glue, how long is too long to keep it stocked on your shelves? 

Today we'll cover the recommended shelf-life for our different products: protein glues, hot melts, and liquid water-based glues. 

IMG_9335.jpgProtein Glue Shelf Life

Protein glue cakes are made with all-natural ingredients which are completely biodegradable and recyclable. The main ingredient in the formula is recycled pharmaceutical gelatin.  They are commonly used in book binding and packaging applications. 

The shelf life for most protein glue products is approximately 1 year.  If stored properly, the performance of the glue will be best within this time frame. For best results, keep the cartons sealed until ready to use. After opening the carton, cover unused cakes with the supplied plastic wrap. To help ensure longest storage life, the glue cartons should be kept in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. 

Keep in mind, some custom formulated protein glues may have a shorter shelf life. You can find this information on the Technical Data Sheet for the product you are using. 

Hot Melt Shelf Life

Hot melt glues are polymer based and 100% solids. They contain no solvents or water. The hot melts that we work with are commonly used in packaging, food packaging, carton sealing and labeling.

For the best results, most hot melt glues should be used within 1 year. They should be stored in clean and dry conditions, between 41°F and 86° F. Containers should be kept closed until ready for use. 

Always make sure to use your oldest stock first. 

Liquid Water-Based Glue Shelf Life

Liquid water-based glues are eco-friendly, non-toxic and easily recyclable. They are commonly used in packaging, photo book binding, laminating, and many other general purpose applications. 

Most liquid water-based glues are best if used within 3 months of the manufactured date. Keep in their tightly covered container until ready to use. Make sure to thoroughly mix the product prior to use. It's very important to keep liquid glues from freezing.

For the longest storage life, store your liquid glues between 60°F-80°F, and avoid excessive heat for extended periods of time.

Need a copy of your Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to confirm the shelf life of your glue? Email us today to get a copy of yours. 


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