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Over the last few months we have visited with the book binding machinery manufacturers at GP2 Technologies Inc. to run some of our protein glues on their equipment. 

We always enjoy pushing our glues to the limit and seeing how they will perform in "real life" circumstances. 

The boards and paper used in the book binding industries are constantly evolving. To meet the needs of this industry, we are always working to further improve our glue formulas. 

LD Davis is one of world's largest manufacturers of animal glue and protein glue products for the book binding industry. We have worked diligently with the team at GP2 Technologies Inc. to determine which glues work best with their machinery.

GP2 Equipment List and Glue Recommendations Revised

Want a copy of this chart for yourself? Here is a copy you can print.

GP2 Technologies, Inc. is a leader in casemaking machinery for the production of on-demand, photo books and short run hard cover books. As an OEM of a full line of casemakers and exclusive reps for the Schmedt line of casing-in and building-in machinery, they offer complete, cost  effective casebinding solutions. 

LD Davis is now a representative for GP2. Contact us today to get pricing for the GP2 equipment.

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