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Loading protein glue into equipment for production is a standard procedure for many manufacturers. This blog specifically covers recommendations for using Emmeci rigid box machine, but these tips might be helpful for most MGFs using protein glue in the production line. 

For example, properly storing adhesive and substrates is beneficial no matter what your company produces. Now, let’s cover the three most important steps to follow to ensure your Emmeci rigid box equipment runs as intended.

Top 3 Steps When Loading Protein Glue

We recommend following the steps below when loading protein glue into your Emmeci equipment. Are you and your team visual learners? Check out our video.


  1. Prep The Glue Before Use

    Protein glue should be taken out of storage and placed near the manufacturing line about 24 hours before use. 

    This allows the hard glue or glue cakes to acclimatize to the surrounding temperature and ensures you are not adding cold glue into the pre-melter. Adding glue cakes right out of cold storage will drastically alter the pre-melter’s temperature and can cause your adhesive not to set correctly. 

  2. Check the Temperature of the Glue Pot

    The pre-melter's temperature will fluctuate as new glue is added. Before you load a new glue cake, measure if the temperature inside the pre-melter is approximately 172°F (78°C).

    Once the glue cakes are loaded, take the time to remeasure the temperature of the pre-melter. This time the temperature range should be between 140-150°F or 60-66°C. This range is still suitable for rigid box manufacturing, but if the temperature is any lower, you might have adhesion issues.

  3. Keep the Pre-Melter Full 

    Adding too much solid glue at once can slow production, as the adhesive needs to reach the appropriate temperature before it can be applied (between 140-150°F or 60-66°C.)  By adding glue cakes gradually over time and keeping a watchful eye on the adhesive level, production can keep going unhampered.

    Depending on the production speed, keeping up with equipment can be challenging. We recommend having about 2 to three people operate the Emmeci machine at a time to ensure it works efficiently and stays full.

Questions About Using Protine Glue in Production?

LD Davis protein glue is frequently used with Emmeci machines but can also be used in other rigid box and bookbinding equipment. If you’re having specific challenges with your protein glue equipment, our team can help.

We work with many manufacturers to help troubleshoot their production. Our experts also offer in-house testing to ensure your glue formulation meets your recommendations. Contact us today to get answers.

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