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In a recent post, we discussed glue shelf life and how it relates to proper glue storage. Proper storage plays a major role in how the glue will perform. But, did you know that production performance is also reliant on proper handling and storage of your other raw materials?

We'll explain...

Think for a moment about the environment in your manufacturing plant. Chances are it's (somewhat) climate controlled around the equipment. But, are your raw materials stored in a climate controlled area? 

Often times, we find that raw materials like glue, board, and wraps are stored in a different area of the facility that is not climate controlled. While we would never recommend storing any of your raw materials, especially glue, in extreme temperatures - we realize that your entire plant may not be sitting at a cool 70°F all day every day. 

It is best practice to allow your raw materials at least 24 hours to equilibrate to the climate where they will be used.  Here is why:

The environment will affect the reaction of moisture loss or absorption in your substrates. For example, case board is made from recycled fibers which has sometimes been recycled up to 15 times. Each time the board is recycled, the fibers become shorter and shorter which causes it to react more dramatically to moisture. Moving in and out of humidity will shock your substrates and could cause issues like warping (and headaches for your team). 

Allowing your raw materials 24 hours to stabilize in your manufacturing environment prior to use will help your production line run much smoother. Here are a few more tips on how to avoid board warp

Do you have questions about your glue proper substrate storage? Feel free to drop us a line

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