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The September issue of Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine featured an article entitled “Where do we go from here?” written by Keith Nagy, the Equipment Division Manager of HAR Adhesive Technologies. The article detailed ways that manufacturers can reduce cost and minimize their waste. One of the featured subjects in the article involved downtime on packaging lines during adhesive applications.

Packaging Adhesives

Traditional hot melt adhesives can be effective for packaging applications, but can clog hoses and create other problems in the machining. Companies trying to save money will often buy the packaging adhesive that is the lowest cost per pound. However, this may cost them more in the long run because of downtime due to poor machining of the packaging adhesive used.

LD Davis Customer Service

Our sales representatives at LD Davis perform glue audits for our customers to determine the cost per unit, rather than the cost per pound of their packaging adhesive. We have found in more than one company that a slightly more expensive adhesive works much better for them as a packaging adhesive. One of our customers recently told us that they saved a very significant amount of money last year because they switched to a different packaging adhesive, on their salesman’s recommendation, that cost $2,000 more per year. The new adhesive cut machine repairs, errors and downtime by a noteworthy amount.

Packaging Adhesive Optimization

Another interesting point in Nagy’s article is about adhesive optimization to reduce cost and waste when using packaging adhesives or traditional hot melt adhesives. A main point is to use quality packaging adhesives, which we provide for our customers every day at LD Davis. Our sales representatives make over 3,000 on-site visits to our customers each year to ensure that we provide you with the best adhesive and service that is possible.

The next main point to his section on packaging adhesive optimization is to simply ensure that you are using the correct amount of adhesive for your application. Your LD Davis sales representative can provide you with a depth gauge and seminars on how to use the adhesive, determine the amount needed, and how to get the best performance possible out of your equipment.

Thanks to Keith Nagy’s article in Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine for providing excellent content. For more information on how LD Davis can help you find an adhesive solution for any application, please visit our website.

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