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Tips for Managing Gelatin Glue in the Summer

Summertime is here! While the weather is beautiful, the additional heat and humidity can create manufacturing challenges. If you’re working with gelatin glue, you have likely noticed the consistency of the adhesive changing during the warmer months.

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What Causes Case Board Warp?

If you are in the book binding business, case board warp is something you are probably familiar with. If you work with case board, you may have experienced warp issues. We recently visited with a case-making customer that was experiencing case board warp. Like many who have been in a similar situation, this customer looked to their board and glue suppliers as resources for understanding why case board warps.

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Why Gelatin Glue Has an Expiration Date: Understanding the Science Behind Adhesive Shelf Life

Ever wondered why glue has an expiration date? We're here to shed some light on the matter.

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Experience the Future of Bookbinding with GP2 Technologies at Durpa '24

GP2 Technologies welcomes visitors to the upcoming drupa ’24 in Germany next month! 

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