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Improvements at LD Davis: Robotic Automation

In a significant leap forward, our adhesive company has embraced cutting-edge technology to enhance our production line efficiency. In May 2023, we integrated state-of-the-art robotics from Linear Solutions into our gelatin glue packaging process, marking the first step towards automating our packing line.

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Product Spotlight: AP1052WE Adhesive for Paper Straws

As more companies look for alternative products for a greener future, we stand at the forefront of an adhesive breakthrough. We are introducing AP1052WE, a water-based adhesive tailored for paper straw manufacturing.

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Company Spotlight: Reindl Bindery & Short-Run Perfect Binding

In the dynamic world of printing and publishing, the glue that binds a product together is often as crucial as the content it holds. LD Davis, a renowned glue manufacturing company, is proud to collaborate closely with industry leaders such as Reindl Bindery, a traditional bindery that has been setting the standard since its establishment in 1978.

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How to Determine if Your Substrate is Glueable

In the world of adhesives, finding the right glue for paper, paperboard, and chipboard can be challenging. We often hear the question—what glue will work with this substrate?

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