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Reducing Plastic Dependence by Using Upcycled Adhesive

The world is currently choked with plastics: eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year1, and if this trend continues, an estimated 12 billion tons of plastic waste will be present in the environment by 20502. Recycling, properly disposing, and preventing this waste from happening is key. 

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Pre-Owned/ Used Emmeci MC-94-SB Rigid Box Equipment Available for Immediate Delivery

Looking to expand your production this year? Many manufacturers seek ways to improve their rigid box production while also being economical about purchasing equipment. 

LD Davis currently has three pre-owned used machines available: the 2010 Emmeci MC-94-SB Rigid Box Line. These machines are ready for immediate delivery.

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How to Use and Store Rigid Box Stay Tape

We work side-by-side with rigid box equipment manufacturers and operators every day. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of rigid box production and carry high-quality stay tape to help customers reduce their amount of suppliers and streamline orders. In this article, we will touch on product specifications, the benefits of using our stay tape, and how best to apply and store it. 

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Why Your Production Needs a Gelatin Glue Trial

Testing how your operation runs before going into full production is critical for success. There’s no sense in going full steam ahead, especially if you’ve recently changed something. This is sound advice for any manufacturer, and in this article, we’re focusing on the benefits of running a glue trial for rigid box and packaging producers.

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