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Equipment Spotlight: Improve Rigid Box Production with the Europrogetti EP130N Line

Presentation matters. Rigid boxes play a significant role in the packaging and delivery of high-end products like electronics, jewelry, candies, and perfumes. This type of box offers durability and radiates a sense of quality that not only preserves but enhances the experience of opening the final product.

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LD Davis Updates Gelatin Glue Carton Sizes for Efficiency

We wanted to give you a heads up! At LD Davis, we’re changing the way our gelatin glue ships.

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A More Cost-Effective Adhesive for Backlining Application

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing, especially when it comes to creating hardback books. More recently, EVA hot melt has been a standard for backlining and still dominates, but before EVA hot melts, protein glue was used for backlining and is making a comeback once again.

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Equipment Spotlight: Europrogetti Automatic Machine EP100 Line

Creating the perfect box has never been easier. Rigid boxes are an integral part of packaging and presentation for high-end electronics, jewelry, perfumes, and more. Making the perfect package is critical, as it helps promote and protect the product within.

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