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Paper tube winding is the process of spirally winding and gluing ribbon-like cardboard plies together into a cylinder shape. These tubes can range in size and thickness, and are cut to the desired length.

The history of Tube Winding1

The modern cylindrical paper tubes that we know today were born in the early 1900's in London and were used to protect rolls of paper and fabric. Over time, paper tubes have become more durable and versatile than ever. 

Paper tubes are used in a number of ways, but are most commonly used for:

+ Core of paper towels, toilet paper, or fabric

+ Food packaging tubes

+ Shipping tubes to protect documents or posters

+ Sonotubes in the construction industry (for concrete pouring)

The Tube Winding Process


This video by Just Paper Tubes gives a glimpse into the paper tube winding process.

Tube Winding Glue: AP1012WE

AP1012WE is a core winding water-based starch adhesive with good wet tack. It is specifically designed for body ply core winding with emphasis on high speed winders.

Viscosity  2400-2800cps
Solids 20-24%
Color White (dries clear)
Shelf Life Approximately 3 months

*LD Davis offers a variety of tube winding adhesives if these technical specifications do not meet your application or equipment needs.

Benefits of starch-based liquid glues:

+ Most are made from natural carbohydrates derived from roots, tubers and seeds of plants like maize, potatoes, wheat, rice and tapioca

+ Economical and offer easy cleanup

+ Wide range of viscosity and capable of thicker paste-like consistencies

+ Usable at ambient conditions or heated

+ Can be customized to application requirements

If you would like to learn more about our tube winding glues or starch-based glues, feel free to reach out to our team.

We'd love to hear from you about your project! 

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