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When it comes to manufacturing rigid boxes, the right equipment can make all the difference in quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. As an adhesive supplier, we understand the importance of having reliable, high-performance machinery. 

That's why we are excited to introduce our selection of used rigid box making equipment, featuring machines primarily from renowned brands Emmeci and Europrogetti. In this blog post, we'll showcase some of the exceptional preowned and new machines we have available to meet your rigid box production needs.

Used Rigid Box Equipment Available Now

Preowned Emmeci MC-2012-ST-MEB Rigid Box Line:

  • The Emmeci MC-2012-ST-MEB Rigid Box Line offers precision and versatility in box production.
  • Ideal for manufacturing premium packaging, this machine ensures consistent quality.
  • With our preowned unit, you can achieve cost savings without compromising on performance.

Two Preowned Emmeci MC-94-SB Rigid Box Lines:

  • The Emmeci MC-94-SB Rigid Box Line is known for its speed and accuracy.
  • We have two preowned units available, providing flexibility for your production needs.
  • These machines ensure consistent, top-quality rigid boxes for your customers.

Two Preowned 2007 Emmeci MC-2004-MEB Rigid Box Lines:

  • The 2007 Emmeci MC-2004-MEB Rigid Box Lines combine technology and innovation.
  • These machines are designed to streamline your production process and deliver exceptional results.

Preowned Emmeci Automatic Robic Lidding Machine:

  • The Emmeci Automatic Robic Lidding Machine is a valuable addition to any rigid box production line.
  • It ensures secure and efficient lid application, enhancing the overall box quality.

Three New and Demonstration Europrogetti EP130N Unstayed Rigid Box Machines:

  • Europrogetti is synonymous with innovation and quality in the packaging industry.
  • Our new and demonstration Europrogetti EP130N Unstayed Rigid Box Machines offer cutting-edge technology for creating distinctive rigid boxes.

A Cost-Effective Way to Invest in the Future

Our range of preowned and new machines allows you to meet the demands of your packaging business efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to learn more about these machines and how they can benefit your rigid box manufacturing operations. Elevate your packaging game with our reliable equipment and gelatin adhesives, ensuring your products stand out.

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