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The holiday season is nearing! As we head into Thanksgiving, we’re reflecting on the past year and the power of gratitude. While it might sound silly, taking the time to remember the good things that have happened to us, big and small, can have a significant impact on how we navigate daily life.

The True Meaning of Gratitude

Gratitude is the state of being thankful or appreciative of something or someone in your life. Merriam-Webster defines gratitude as “the state of being grateful, thankfulness.” It is a positive emotion that can help you feel happier and more content with life.

Often, gratitude is associated with improved mental health and well-being. It helps strengthen social and emotional relationships, and its roots run deep into the very core of human history, as our survival often hinges on the value of helping others and being helped in return.  

Why Gratitude Matters

Research has shown that, over time, feeling grateful improves happiness and supports physical and psychological health. Grateful people often express less stress, pain, and improved sleep and immune responses. One study discovered that expressing gratitude helped reduce mental health issues, while another study suggested that writing letters of gratitude can help motivate you to make healthier choices. 

Ultimately, it appears that practicing gratitude helps curb expressing negative emotions and shifts attention away from negative thoughts and feelings, minimizing the possibility of ruminating. 

How to Foster Gratitude

There are many ways to show those around you how much you appreciate and care about them. Here are some tips to help bring extra positivity to your everyday life.

  • Keep a journal or notepad about your daily life's big and little joys.
  • Write thank you notes to others.
  • Think about the people who have and continue to inspire you and what about them made an impact on you. 
  • Imagine what your life would be like if a specific positive event had not happened. 
  • Identify three things that have gone well for you recently and why. 

What We’re Thankful For at LD Davis

Little changes can be impactful over time. As a team, we took a moment to consider what we’re grateful for this past year and want to share our joy with you. We hope you encourage you and your team to do the same!

“I am grateful for many things, most importantly family, friends, and good health, but also the unusual things like ChapStick, red meat, and birthday cake.” — Tripp Davis, Owner/President

“I am thankful for turning the BIG 60 this year and joining the club of some of my fellow employees, LOL! I am thankful for my health, my husband, my family, especially my seven grandchildren who are all healthy, to have my parents still with me, and for a great job that I honestly love to come to every day.” — Debra Twitty, Customer Service Manager

“I can be extra thankful this year, that my brother, Paul had a successful kidney donation, and he is happy and healthy.” — Bill McCalla, Technical Sales Manager

“I am thankful for my loving and growing family. Had a beautiful, healthy baby boy this year and adding two nieces within the next few months.” I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! — Kelly Pepper, Inside Technical Manager

“This year, we are thankful to be celebrating at home and not traveling anywhere.” — Brooks Durham, Operations/General Manager

“I am thankful for the caring people in my life and for the love of my family. I am also thankful that I will always be younger than Tripp and Stacey. ” — Becky Robinson, Controller

"I am blessed and thankful for all the blessings that God has given me. A wonderful family, a great job, and enough financial means to live a comfortable life. But my 2-year-old grandson Easton is the icing on the cake!!!☺” — Jeff Palmiter, Technical Sales Manager

“I am thankful to get a job and work here at LD Davis. I had a steady paycheck and all the “extras”. The people I have met and worked with have been absolutely amazing. I want to thank each one of you all for the time we spent together helping me keep my job! I am going to miss LD Davis and all the people here!” — Stephen Showler, Parts & Maintenance

Preparing for the Holidays Ahead

We encourage you to take stock of all the wonderful things in your life and also your inventory. As always, our team is here to help support you with your adhesive needs, but we will be out of the office for the week of Christmas. Our last shipping day of the season will be December 22nd

Please let us know if you have any questions about our upcoming schedule or shipments.

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