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Caring for the Environment at LD Davis

We chat a lot on our blog about how our glues can help your company meet your green initiatives.

Today, we're going to change it up a bit and talk a little more about how our company cares for the environment behind the scenes.

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Protein Adhesive Manufacturing Process

Quality adhesive manufacturing of protein adhesive, also known as gelatin based glue or natural glue is LD Davis’ number one job above all. The adhesive manufacturing process can be a complex one, but we like to explain it in a simple form so all of our clients and vendors can have knowledge of the protein adhesive manufacturing process.

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Sourcing Gelatin


Not only is usage of hard and soft gelatin scrap in adhesive manufacturing an interesting concept, it is quite beneficial to the environment in a number of ways.

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Happy Thanksgiving from LD Davis

Happy Thanksgiving to all LD Davis customers, friends, and employees!

In the social media world, there has been an activity this November where Facebook users post one thing or person every day for that they are grateful.  We at LD Davis have a lot to be thankful for around this special holiday, and while we did not post “30 Days of Thanks” on our social media profiles, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to list them here.  Below is a compiled “30 Days of Thanks” list from everyone at LD Davis Industries; where we build life long bonds, manufacture quality animal glue, and provide excellent customer service to our animal glue, liquid glue and hot melt customers.

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