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We chat a lot on our blog about how our glues can help your company meet your green initiatives.

Today, we're going to change it up a bit and talk a little more about how our company cares for the environment behind the scenes.

Recycled Raw MAterials

Did you know that LD Davis animal glue products are manufactured using raw materials that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill?

It's true! Recycled pharmaceutical gelatin is a main component of our protein-based glue formulas.

Many of our natural raw materials come from companies that cannot use them in their production for one reason or another (many times, these are pharmaceutical or food manufacturers with very narrow quality thresholds). If these materials fall within our quality control guidelines, which we test in our lab, our team can recycle these products for use in our glues.

LD Davis Manufacturing Plant UpgradesLighting UPGRADES

Sometimes a simple improvement can make all the difference. 

In 2019, all of the lighting in our manufacturing plant was switched to LED lighting. This high density lighting is a complete win. "LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs" (Energy Star).

Pictured: Local North Carolina government awards LD Davis Office Manager, Halee Ellis, with a lighting improvement rebate.  

Shipping Improvements

Drums, and pallets and totes - oh my! 

Our shipping team has gone the extra mile to reduce and reuse as much as possible. Not only does LD Davis glue ship in corrugated boxes made from recycled paper, our glues are shipping in recondition containers when possible.

So long as they meet our quality control standards, we are happy to use reconditioned drums, pallets and totes. This keeps wood, steel and plastic from ending up in a waste stream or landfill.

Another improvement you may have noticed in the last year - LD Davis now ships our glues on "standard" sized pallets (48"x40"). This gives us the opportunity to recycle pallets that come into our warehouse, and also allows our customers to reuse if possible. 

Manufacturing Processes AND RAW MATERIAL DISPOSAL

Have you ever wondered what happens to excess glue product that we produce and don't ship out right away? You guessed it, we are able to reuse it! Excess glue product, depending on the formula, is able to be reworked into other formulas to minimize waste. 

Before we dispose of any scrap gelatin netting, all surface oils are removed from it. These oils are picked up by a local recycler and used downstream.

We truly squeeze every last bit out of our raw materials! 

Another benefit of our manufacturing process when it comes to being green? LD Davis does not manufacture any solvent-based glues in our facility. All of our glues are easily cleaned up with water (no harsh chemicals), and recycled.

How has your company made green improvements? Comment below and let us know!

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