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Bookbinding Hot Melt Glue Spotlight: BT1113

These days, we are working with more perfect binding companies than ever. In this post, we want to focus on one of our most recommended perfect binding spine glues: BT1113.

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21 Awesomely Creative Book Cover Designs

Books. We love them. Chances are if you're reading this, you do too. And the fact that millions of books are bound with our glues makes us love them even more.  

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Lower Costs for Bookbinding Adhesives and Glues

Like some manufacturers in the United States we sell a high quality, high performance product which in turn does not make us the cheapest out there. Our protein glues (animal glues) are sold per pound so some customers look at that per pound price and say, in a cost cutting effort, let’s try the low cost/low quality brand instead.  What they soon find out is they didn't save money and all glues are not formulated the same.

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Animal Glue Growth with L.D. Davis 1936-1951

Animal glue in the Great Depression

In its early years, LD Davis Industries thrived during the Great Depression. Beginning as a stenciling product company, Louis D. Davis Sr. grew the business during the 1930's by focusing more on manufacturing his own animal glue, a major component in his current stenciling product.

The company did well enough to move to its third location in 1936, to our original
animal glue manufacturing plant in Bristol, PA.

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